Embrace Digital recently hosted its Intelligent Automation Seminar at Manchester United’s Old Trafford venue aka “The Theatre of Dreams”.  The day was a great success with over 75 attendees and huge amounts of interest. We were supported by one of our key business partners Kofax with whom we work very closely.

Our delegates were welcomed to an afternoon filled with live demos, customer speakers and practical advice. Primarily, at our events we want our audience to gain value, to learn something new, to spark an idea or to simply get motivated to go back to their organisations and tackle a business issue.

Jim Close, RVP Sales at Kofax UKI, kicked off proceedings with an overview of the Kofax Intelligent Platform.  Jim invited the audience to consider the development of automation and the changing role of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and Intelligent Automation, against a commercial landscape where only 28 of the original FTSE 100 companies remain listed and customer expectations are evolving by the day.  Scalability and flexibility are essential to remain competitive, and Jim deftly guided us through the opportunities that Intelligent Automation presents.

Part way through the first half, and it was Darren Hall’s turn to take centre stage.  Darren is Director of Operations for Countrywide Conveyancing Services. Countrywide were early adopters of automation technology, having automated their mailroom in 2007 with the team that is now Embrace Digital.  As the country’s leading conveyancer by far, Countrywide were processing 5 million pieces of paper per year at the time, and automated to remove the complications of manual handling paper documents and to reduce costs. The project was a huge success with an ROI of 18months, an improved customer service proposition, accuracy of processing and the removal of many monotonous tasks for people, making their jobs easier, quicker and more satisfying.

 Having already reaped significant benefits, Countrywide are continuing to re-engineer their mailroom to take full advantage of the latest technology with Embrace and Kofax.  Darren said of the project “As part of our strategic roadmap in 2020 we are going to add the robotics piece to our solution, that’s where the real “Clever Conveyancing” comes in to it, we can automate around 30% of the tasks that a human is doing now”.

After a half time break, Tim Coackley, Finance Reporting & Processes at HSS Hire, got the second half off to a great start.  Tim revealed the improvements they’ve realised through the adoption of the Kofax Readsoft package for automation of their invoice process.  Automation enables HSS Hire to process the 1500 invoices it receives daily with minimal human input; being matched overnight and ready to pay within 24 hours. Tim complimented the ease of use, and how the HSS Hire team has needed very little support in adopting the new system.

Following audience questions to Tim and plenty of open discussion, we took a look at the technology itself with John Barratt, Sales Engineer at Kofax expertly presenting a demonstration of Kofax Intelligent Automation software covering practical applications and examples.

Prior to our guests being whisked away on a Stadium Tour, we hosted a Q&A session where delegates were able to quiz our customer speakers and technology experts.  We also took the opportunity to thank Darren Hall from Countrywide Conveyancing Services and Tim Coackley from HSS Hire for their generous input and time, presenting them with customised football shirts for them and their young fans back home.

We’re grateful to all the delegates for taking the time to join us in Manchester and for the excellent feedback they have given.   These events provide an essential opportunity for Embrace Digital and Kofax to understand some of the common needs and wants of our customers and prospects.  There’s a huge focus on improving productivity and naturally, Intelligent Automation is front-of-mind for many of our customers and prospects.

The team at Embrace would like to thank Kofax for their time and investment in this event, and for their continued support of Embrace Digital as a leading technology partner. We believe that our specific industry knowledge, unrivalled experience in delivering Kofax-based solutions, and our deep technical skill-set provides the essential value-add component that makes our partnership successful.

We look forward to teaming with you to help deliver your next Intelligent Automation project.

If you would like to learn more about Intelligent Automation, or any other aspect of document processing efficiency, or to keep in touch about future events, please contact us: info@embrace-digital.co.uk


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