Accounts Payable Processing.

The receipt of purchase invoices continues to challenge businesses across the globe. Invoices must be receipted, logged, reviewed and approved, queries resolved and payments made, all while ensuing that there is visibility and traceability for when suppliers inevitably want to know when their payment will be made. Accounts Payable teams spend hundreds of hours performing these tasks, often in a heavily manual and mundane way, with some still typing data and retrieving information from ‘old school’ green screens.

With an Embrace Digital Accounts Payable solution, invoices can be ingested either by digitising paper or ingesting electronic content, have key header and line-item data extracted, be matched to a purchase order/goods receipt and/or be sent out into the business for coding/approval. Exceptions and queries can be flagged and resolved and data exported ready for ingestion into the accounts package ready to trigger a payment run. With collated reporting available over the top of the data capture and workflow streams, the Accounts Payable team always have visibility, enabling more efficient and effective processing.

Available as either on-premise or cloud-hosted solutions, dependent on requirements, organisations of all sizes can realise the benefits of automated accounts payable processing.

Perhaps you already have a solution that is not performing as expected or hasn’t met the expected benefits originally identified. We can work on a consultancy basis to review the implementation, identify the key challenges and propose a plan of work to bring the system up to expectation. We will always provide the reasons why we feel the challenges exist and how we feel our changes will have a positive impact so that you can be confident that the proposals have been well thought out before embarking on the work.

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How Does It Work?


documents can be scanned, emailed or imported from almost any source


key data is extracted using rules and sophisticated matching algorithms


data can be manually validated where needed, with business rules, to ensure integrity

PO Matching

for PO invoices extracted invoice data is matched against PO data extracts for onward processing

Coding and Approval

for non-PO invoices the documents are routed for coding and approval via the approval hierarchy

Exceptions/Query Resolution

for any invoices with queries, these are flagged in Exceptions for operator review


backend export is configured to output data and images in a suitable format for ingestion into the backend accounting system


a wide range of reporting is available to show processing statistics and trends, plus audit and traceability data

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User friendly platforms across all modules allow for a reduction in handling times for physical and electronic content and a reduction in processing errors with only exceptions needing to be picked up by operators.

Auditability, visibility and traceability through the process from ingestion into the platform to output into the accounts system means that invoice information is readily available to operators when needed and the touchpoints of the invoice are clearly reportable for any processing queries that arise


Here are a few common queries relating to Accounts Payable Processing processing.

Yes, solutions can be tailored for the amount of invoices received with different offerings dependent on the scale and size of your business

Yes, all Accounts Payable solutions that we offer can handle multi-currency invoices.

Yes, PO and non-PO invoices can be processed through all solutions available.

Yes, different workflow routing can be set up for different types of invoices.

To request more information for your specific incoming communication channels contact the Embrace Digital team today at or on 0333 577 2633. 

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