Hosted Services.

For some organisations, implementing IT infrastructure is not a priority or a possibility, and as such alternative solutions can be needed. At Embrace Digital, we offer hosted infrastructures that can house your processing configuration, allow your operators to connect to perform user-based tasks such as data validation and output to your line of business application using your preferred method.

Embrace A New Way of Thinking.

A system implementation on a hosted infrastructure is not too different from an on-premise infrastructure. There are a some more considerations around connectivity, environmental ownership and responsibilities and of course security is always a top priority.

Embrace Digital is ISO27001 certified with BSI acting as our external auditors. Our certification extends to all areas of our business, to include any hosted infrastructure and working with you to ensure that any implementations are secure and compliant is of the utmost importance.

We always operate on a separate Test and Production environment model basis, with strict controls in place about how data and configuration is managed and controlled. All hosted servers are via Microsoft Azure in UK datacentres.

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