Project Delivery.

Once you have a defined set of requirements, our team works with you to map out your project delivery. In addition to your Account Manager, you will be assigned a Project Manager and a Technical Lead who will work with you to produce a detailed specification and delivery plan. This ensures all delivery aspects are captured and can be referenced and reported on throughout delivery lifecycle.

Embrace A New Way of Thinking.

We believe that collaboration and communication is key to ensuring a successful project delivery. To us collaboration means a “one team” approach, with clear and transparent communication channels. We ensure that your needs and requirements are understood and documented, with an associated delivery plan that highlights all key dependencies.

Early visibility of any new system or implementation helps with user adoption and understanding. We therefore look to start base software builds and configuration deployment as quickly as possible to facilitate familiarisation and early testing. From here, we ensure that the test and refinement cycles are optimised to tune the processes and automation rates ahead of go-live.

For Production readiness, our team works with you to carry out final testing and support go-live. This ensures your transition to live processing is smooth, with users being able to raise any queries and have them answered quickly.

The Process ...

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