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Inbound communication is key to all organisations. However, where inbound communications are centric to the customer experience, management of all channels in as consistent manner as possible is critical for the service provided. An Inbound Mail solution can encompass the digitisation of paper content at the point of receipt alongside the ingestion of electronic content from e-mail or portal channels meaning that all communication can be handled in the same manner via the same processes, regardless of the channel.

Maybe you need a whole implementation or perhaps you already have a solution that is not performing as expected or hasn’t met the expected benefits originally identified. We can work on a consultancy basis to review the implementation, identify the key challenges and propose a plan of work to bring the system up to expectation. We will discuss with you why the challenges exist and how we feel our proposals will have a positive impact so that you evaluate before committing.

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How Does It Work?

With a few simple steps, documents go from point of ingestion to line of business application, meaning fast initial processing for inbound communications.


Documents can be scanned, emailed or imported from almost any source


Our machine learning engines interpret document content to automatically classify by type


Key data is extracted using rules and sophisticated matching algorithms


Data can be manually validated with business rules to ensure integrity


Documents and data are output to line of business applications for onward processing

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Feature One.

Automated technology allows documents to be classified and indexed in a matter of minutes, meaning that communications are available for key workers to pick up and action quickly after receipt into the organisation. This mitigates against heavy manual intervention being required, freeing time to focus on value added tasks.

Feature Two.

Employing a consistent process for inbound communications through a consolidated platform enables greater process visibility though our reporting and analytics. This significantly increases auditability and traceability throughout the process, improving the overall process management.


Here are a few common queries relating to Digital Mailroom processing.

All the solutions that we supply can be scaled as required in terms of processing volumes. Customers can start with a base infrastructure and license for initial volumes and should the requirement grow, we can work you to advise on extending the infrastructure and the selecting the most cost-effective license options. Scaling examples can also be provided prior to initial commitment.

We can review your current processes and provide options on how automation could be introduced and the expected benefits. We can work with your team to map out the process as it could be with the process changes and ensure that all aspects are workable for your business.

If you have more questions, please feel free to get in touch with our team.

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