Inbound Forms Processing.

Does your organisation receive forms that require data to be captured and actioned across your business? With an Embrace Digital solution, those documents could be ingested, processed and output to commence a business specific workflow, with minimal human input and touchpoints.

With the ability to ingest documents from different sources, define and capture data, automated processing streamlines your approach and allows for a unified interface that, for the interaction they do need to have, users find intuitive, easy to access and seamless to navigate.

Once processing is complete, images and data are ready for ingestion into a line of business application which could work alongside automated workflow technology to further aid your processes or simply ingest the content and allow the document journey to continue as now.

Perhaps you already have a solution that is not performing as expected or hasn’t met the expected benefits originally identified. We can work on a consultancy basis to review the implementation, identify the key challenges and propose a plan of work to bring the system up to expectation. We will always provide the reasons why we feel the challenges exist and how we feel our changes will have a positive impact so that you can be confident that the proposals have been well thought out before embarking on the work.

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How Does It Work?


Forms are ingested, either having been digitised from paper, or received directly via e-mail or other means


For different forms, different capture might be required, so we identify the form type at the point of ingestion to understand which extraction rules should be applied


The key points of data are extracted from the form as per the configuration that has been set up


Data can be presented for review with business rules in place to ensure integrity


Data is exported in an output format suitable for line of business application ingestion

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Feature One.

For well defined and structured documents, automated capture rates are high with minimal human intervention being required. This means faster turnaround from receipt to actioning the request by a specialist business user, while the mundane administration tasks are minimised.

Feature Two.

With rapid deployment and set up options available, a forms processing solution provides traceability and visibility of forms from the point of ingestion through to export.


Here are a few common queries relating to Inbound Forms Processing processing.

Yes, we can apply different rules and processing configuration on a per form basis.

Yes, we can adopt different forms configuration in subsets as well as on a per form basis.

Yes, we will work with you to look at your requirements, your documents and your output requirements and advise which documents lend themselves best to the process and how maximum benefit can be leveraged.

To request more information for your specific form types contact the Embrace Digital team today at or on 0333 577 2633. 

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