HR Document Management.

The face of HR is ever changing and evolving, with organisations seeking more accessible and efficient ways of working while maintaining security and confidentiality. The days of the paper filing cabinets are becoming a thing of the past and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic brought about changes to working practices never seen before with change and adaptability being key.

Holding records in a variety of formats and locations can put an unnecessary administrative burden on your team, reducing the time they have to spend on key priorities and making it difficult to safeguard employee information.

A solution from Embrace Digital can enable organisations to take records from multiple different sources and store in one consolidated platform, against a unique employee record, and allow retrieval only by those who need it and with full traceability.

Utilising cloud-based technology, deployments can be rapid with an agile approach to organisation specific set up being taken.

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How Does It Work?

Documents can be easily imported or created, stored against set metadata and retrieved via multiple different methods with security controls and auditability throughout.


For documents that exist in another storage location or have been digitised from paper, we can plan to migrate the content into the cloud platform setting metadata as required on a per document basis


For ad-hoc documents that have been created or received outside of the cloud platform, these can be easily imported on an individual document basis at a user level


New documents are easily created within the cloud platform with templates available to users as well as blank documents from main office applications


Documents are stored, with security settings as required, in a secure cloud-based environment


users are easily able to retrieve content that is available to them from desktop PC and mobile devices

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Feature One.

Cloud storage means that document solutions are quick to deploy, easy to configure and allow for secure document storage and retrieval that is user intuitive while being structured and providing visibility of content across your business.

Feature Two.

The set up and tracking means that there is traceability and auditability throughout with content able to be locked down to specific users, groups, departments, etc… and user actions being tracked through auditing.


Here are a few common queries relating to HR Document Management processing.

Yes, platforms are flexible and scalable according to the deployment requirements of your organisation and you will only provision and pay for the users that you need.

Paper documents can be digitised and migrated into the platform to allow easy retrieval for both new and historical records alike.

Yes, user parameters can be set individually, departmentally or globally, so user access can be defined to a granular level.

To request more information for your specific HR records contact the Embrace Digital team today at or on 0333 577 2633. 

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