AP Automation not only enables you to automate steps such as PO matching, approval and posting, it enables you to track an invoice from when it is received into the business and throughout its journey.  Having visibility of individual invoices through the organisation, reduces the need for queries and allows accounts payable professionals to take control of the process.  This is especially important within businesses with multiple locations and with more people working remotely. 

Freeing your AP team of manual tasks and giving them more visibility, allows them to identify opportunities for improvement.  This can be through closer monitoring of KPIs and the ability to identify bottlenecks relating to particular invoice types, approvers, or suppliers.  Once a clearer picture is available, steps can be taken to overcome these challenges and improve compliance – such as working with suppliers to ensure POs are used, adapting approval workflows to ease the burden on individuals and avoid delays, etc. 

Reporting on the process is also made easier.  Typically, pre-automation, AP professionals must manually collate information from multiple sources to provide an accurate picture but by the time that information is generated, it is already out of date. With immediate access to key reports, information is shared quickly, with the reports having greater relevance as a result.  Especially during times of uncertainty, having accurate information to inform decision making is vital. 

“Greater visibility has reduced the resource demand and enquiry levels on the AP team”.  
Embrace Digital Customer

Crucially, improving visibility fundamentally changes the role of AP Professionals within the business.  Automation enables your team to take control, work more strategically, and to add value to the business by sharing timely information, continuously improving the process, and maintaining strong relationships with suppliers. 

“The main benefit has to be the visibility we now have across the organisation. We have access to KPIs which allow us to identify themes for continuous improvement, and we have visibility to oversee the entire process, ensuring adherence to our standards and working practices.”
Alan Ronald, Head of Global Business Services, Devro plc.

Bringing visibility and control to organisations of all sizes

The advantages of automation are no longer reserved for large organisations. With a range of solutions on offer, companies of all sizes can now take advantage of enterprise-level automation and the benefits it provides.  Cloud-based solutions make adoption more accessible; quick to implement with a fast ROI for even relatively low invoice volumes.  

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