Managing HR processes and compliance requirements effectively saves valuable time and resources, enabling your team to work more strategically, to keep records secure, and to focus on the retention of high-quality employees.  It is essential, therefore, that businesses streamline and automate HR processes wherever possible.

The 5 Primary Benefits of HR Information Management

Greater control. By digitalizing and automating paperwork, businesses can eliminate complexity and confusion. With all records and paperwork stored digitally in one location, they become easily searchable and can build a more complete picture of the employee. This means HR staff can focus on driving proactive initiatives instead of wasting time searching for information.

Increased efficiency. Hardcopies can easily get lost in the paperwork shuffle, searching for digital files across multiple locations can be time-consuming. When businesses have inefficient HR processes, it affects employees directly. They soon get disgruntled, which can lower productivity. However, an automated process can eliminate these issues. Electronic leave and other documents that are part of an automated workflow get signed off faster and they can’t get lost. Triggers and alerts mean that managers can’t forget to sign off on requests, and the workflow means that the right person always receives the right documents for approval.

Stronger security and compliance. Digitalizing HR documents lets the business exert more control over who can access them by using password protection to restrict access, and by ensuring documents are never left on printers or out in the open, or shared direct via email or remote meeting channels.

Better collaboration. HR employees may be working at home, working in different areas of the building, or even working across the globe. With an information management system, it will be much simpler for your staff members to collaborate and work on projects together. Imagine if your “at-home” workers, your HR reps at your European office, and you could all view the same paperwork at the same time.

Healthy cost savings.
Though it may seem more costly, information management tech has tremendous ROI. You save money because it saves you time — time that you can spend on other, more important, tasks.

Why choose Embrace Digital for your HR Records Management Project?

Embrace Digital is a technology focused consultancy and services provider, providing business efficiencies through process automation.

As a strategic partner to many of the market leading technology vendors within the scanning, data capture, workflow and robotic process automation space, Embrace Digital can recommend technology that best fits your requirements, business and budget.

We’ll work closely with you to maximise the opportunities for automation, ensure integration with your existing business applications, and manage the digitisation and transfer of your existing records held in paper and digital format into your new solution.

The team at Embrace Digital are always happy to discuss ideas and share approaches that can help to bring more efficiency, security and collaboration to your HR organisation.


With thanks to M-Files for sharing the statistics and graphics used in this article.

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