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Every client is different, but with our experience, we can help.


Some level of consultancy is involved in every piece of work we deliver, be it basic consultancy to confirm a set of requirements, more involved consultancy to outline a project specification or a standalone piece of consultancy to review a process or make a recommendation for next steps. All of our customer facing staff are experienced in providing consultancy to customers and whether it is from a pre-sales perspective, a post go-live support perspective or somewhere in between, you can rely on Embrace Digital staff to be open and honest at all times and make suggestions and recommendations in-line with your best interests.


If you’re still pushing or storing paper, let’s start from the beginning and scan it. From our rich experience with all the leading scanner makes and models, we can recommend the right scanners for you and create the right process to suit your business needs. Working to deliver scanning to meet all requirements from cutting edge front end systems for processes such as digital mailroom, patient records, cheque processing, customer onboarding, accounts payable processing to highly efficient archive scanning systems to make your paper more accessible and free up storage space, we have a solution to meet your needs.


Digitising documents is just the beginning, allowing you the freedom to increase your efficiencies across the board. Through the use of transformation technologies, automated classification, extraction of data and routing correctly is the next step. Then, work smarter; distribute the workload, allow remote working, access via your devices, notify users of key points, set service level agreements (SLAs) for tasks and report on the information that really matters. Key members of staff can spend less time on the basics and more time doing their job. Through easier collaboration with colleagues about documents, digital working allows increased productivity, compliance and turnover.


What if the issue is legacy systems or web based applications that require interaction? Tired of mundane repetitive tasks, but cannot see an alternative? Would work be better done outside of core working hours but require expensive shift based staff? Robotics is the next generation of automation and can perform your interactions faster and more effectively than ever before. Where companies utilise large numbers of staff to undertake repetitive administrative tasks, robotic process automation offers an effective and reliable solution freeing up staff to undertake higher value work. Enterprise architecture and a scalable platform mean that your digital workforce can grow with your business needs.



While all systems go through a vigorous testing and sign off cycle prior to go-live both with the Embrace Digital team and the customer, it is inevitable that queries and issues will arise. Once a system is delivered and working therefore, it is key for our customers to feel assured that they can easily contact a helpful and knowledgeable team by phone or e-mail within normal working hours or during extended hours, by prior arrangement. In addition, our support team will work proactively to ensure that your system is performing optimally and that you are aware of any new releases that would be of benefit. As part of our quote, we will always make sure that support options are made available to enable a complete package to be selected.

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