An HR department may hold employee information and records in a variety of formats and locations; perhaps saved within a dedicated HR Management System (HRMS), in a Document or Content Management System (DMS/CMS), within email communications, and sometimes still as paper records & archives.

HR organisations wanting to maximise efficiency and security, may want to transition their existing records into a centralised structure. Other reasons where businesses need to migrate HR documents include end-of-life software, M&A activity, consolidation, organisational growth, the need to support remote working, and the implementation of HR-specific software such as a new HRMS.

Large or long-established businesses, or those with a high turnover of staff, will hold extensive records, reflecting the complexity and scale of the business. This is further complicated by the customisation and configuration of processes as they are established by an individual organisation. When it becomes necessary to migrate documents and data, finding an efficient and accurate route that doesn’t require significant manual effort, IT resource and cost, can be a challenge.

Embrace Digital provides accurate and efficient migration of HR documents and data, reducing costs and providing you with the freedom to centralise records and select the best technologies for your needs without having the burden of managing the transition alone.

Whether you require us to manage your overall migration project or to support your team in migrating the more complex non-structured documents and data, Embrace Digital will work with you to find the right approach for your business and to develop a migration roadmap.

Complex data – Avoid unnecessary cost and delay

Employee records often reside in a variety of formats, sometimes across multiple business units and functions. As such, the volume of data and documents held is significant, making data extraction and migration a complex operation. In particular, older documents and data tend to be in less structured formats, without naming conventions. As a result, this data can be difficult for organisations to map efficiently in the instance of a data migration, with some companies needing to employ additional staff to manually categorise these files ahead of migration.

Embrace Digital uses the latest capture, classification and data extraction technologies to accurately and efficiently extract and migrate documents and meta/index data from one or more existing solutions into your new HR/document repository solution, whilst carefully managing your existing integrations. Using proven methodologies, Embrace Digital deploys a migration platform to address the different document and data types within your repository to make sure all data is migrated as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

We work closely with our clients to provide them with the support they need – from managing a migration project in its entirety to providing support to transfer the most complex data that is too costly for in-house teams to address. We will work with you to determine the best approach for your business based on your requirements and resources.

Embrace Digital has successfully migrated clients utilising one or more incumbent HR document management solutions, working closely with them to manage existing integrations, to increase the functionality and breadth of their end solution.

Having an efficient and cost-effective method for migrating your HR records allows you the time and freedom to choose the best HRMS for your organisation. Organisations can also use this transformation exercise as a timely opportunity to clean the data, removing duplicates, out of date information, or expired records.

About Embrace Digital

Independent experts in document management and process automation

As an independent expert in document management and business process automation, Embrace Digital is a long-standing strategic partner to many of the market leading technology vendors and can recommend the best approach based on your requirements, business infrastructure, future vision, and budget. Our experience enables us to identify, design and deploy a solution, using best of breed technologies in document management, capture, automation, and robotics, to optimise HR document handling throughout the business.

Specialists in automation

Automating your HR processes significantly increases efficiency, productivity and compliance whilst reducing costs. Using transformation technologies, HR process steps and documentation can be automated, optimising the value gained from your HR or document management solution and improving service levels.

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