Global Shipping Company.

Cloud based document management technology provides HR solution.

What do they do?

Specialising in sea, land and air, this global shipping company prides itself on high end shipping and logistics solutions with full commitment to reducing environmental impact and streamlining shipping and logistics requirements across its customer base. Using forward thinking solutions for customers means that the rest of the business needs to be forward thinking to support this, so technology plays an important role in the supporting functions as well as main deliverables.

The Challenge.

With a large employee base and a significant proportion HR files in paper form, the business needed a solution to digitise the paper and provide ongoing storage that was securely accessible anywhere, across the HR function.

Our Approach.

Working with an outsourced provider, the business engaged services to provide digitised images of the backlog with standard indexing data.

Once complete, Embrace Digital was engaged to provide a document storage vault along with migration services to ingest the newly digitised content alongside existing SharePoint content.

The Solution.

On an Agile basis, Embrace Digital provided a M-Files based cloud document storage vault, plus services to configure specific employee and document data, role-based access and user permissions, custom data synchronisation functionality and mail merge.

Product Spotlight...

To secure the positive outcome, Embrace Digital used the following...



With no records sat in boxes in a storeroom, the full HR library of information was visible across the HR team as needed, but with strict controls in place about which roles could access which records, locking down access where needed. Full auditability allows for user actions to be traced and reviewed if needed.


Once the migration was complete, concerns about access and review of records were no longer an issue as any record was visible when needed instead of waiting for lengthy and complex retrieval requests.

Efficient Working.

The workspace within M-Files allows for several user-efficiency ways of working such as pinning documents that are current to a user’s workspace for fast access. Built with efficiency in mind, M-Files underpins supporting business teams to work smarty and effectively, from wherever a person is.

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