Every automation project follows a process and, in our experience, the more we understand about the process the more benefit we are able to take from the automation. The process needs to be clear, well structured, well documented, but easy to update, all at the same time.


How do Skore and Embrace come toegther.

We use Skore to help with building a process library at the start of a project with our customers finding it engaging, constructive to follow and an easy point of reference throughout deployment and testing.

With effective process mapping at the beginning, the benefits for project deployment and implementation are felt across the board with the benefits of automation often being recognised much faster as the go-live encompasses the process coming to life.

Available as a review and design tool for your project or for you to onboard as licenses for your own organisation, work with us to test Skore on your own process review.

Key Features of Skore.

Easy to use software that allows the quick documentation of processes, the resources responsible and the areas they apply to.
With reporting and analytics to sit over the process maps, the full picture is readily available all within the Skore cloud-based platform.
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Here are a few common queries relating to Skore.

Processes are stored centrally in a cloud based library and can be accessed and managed centrally. We can advise on licensing and user options, dependent on your requirements.

Yes, end user licensing is available as needed and we can advise on the best options for you dependent on the user base you wish to involve in the process.

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