Tungsten Automation (formally Kofax).

“Work like Tomorrow”… With a market leading product suite, Tungsten Automation believes intelligent automation is about being smart across whole organisations, no matter the function.

Tungsten Automation

How do Tungsten Automation and Embrace come together.

Embrace Digital has a long-standing relationship with Tungsten Automation for deploying Tungsten Automation technology for a range of automation solutions.

Understanding the Tungsten Automation product suite is at the heart of what our team does and being able to suggest the right product fit for your requirement is second nature. Combining world-leading technologies to deliver intelligent automation, Tungsten Automation invites you to “Work Like Tomorrow – Today”.

With a scalable and robust platform base, Tungsten Automation offers organisations the ability to work around their business from one technology platform automating the areas that matter, freeing up your teams to do the work that matters to you.

The Embrace Digital team has certified consultants across the product range and the experience to be able to take and apply the products to your scenario. Work with us today to start or enhance your Tungsten Automation journey.

Tungsten TotalAgility.

The Tungsten TotalAgility (KTA) platform exists to harmoniously bring processes, people and systems together to increase productivity and drive efficiencies through the use of embedded and underlying components. Whether it be for customer onboarding, loan processing, process tracking, supplier management, etc…, TotalAgility can ingest content, define document types, extract data, initiate process based workflows and export data to line of business systems.

Enabling a robust and resilient platform, that allows for process orchestration, auditability and reporting within a series of intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, TotalAgility offers organisations a scalable base on which to build process centric workflows.

Tungsten RPA.

When your employees need to be focused on high-value, customer facing tasks, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can fill in the blanks by taking on the repeatable areas of work that is routine in day-to-day operations.

With the ability to interpret and act upon data alongside automating tasks and interconnecting systems, RPA processes can be designed and deployed rapidly allowing organisations to realise the benefits in short timescales.

Tungsten SignDoc.

Cloud-based or on-premise, SignDoc allows for a complete digital signing process, enhancing efficiencies for paperless workflows and ensuring comprehensive audit trails from start to end. With no per user license fees, usage is on a per signing package basis, making it flexible and effective to utilise and with mobile capabilities for signing across a range of devices, signing documents couldn’t be easier.

With integration available with Tungsten Power PDF, documents can be created and signed with visibility across the whole workflow, secure login options and happy end users.

Tungsten Capture.

Tungsten Capture is designed to facilitate the digitisation of paper documents and ingestion of electronically received documents for onward processing to cognitive capture modules before exporting to backend line of business systems.

Tungsten Capture allows scalable multi-instance deployments allowing for scanning deployments for all scenarios from departmentally distributed instances to geographically spread instances with multi server and workstation setups.

Tungsten Express.

Tungsten Express allows for standalone instances of document capture. With a user-friendly interface, documents can be scanned, indexed and exported Basic data extraction can also be configured and with a Microsoft Office type interface, users can be familiar with the application in a matter of minutes.

Tungsten VRS.

The best quality images are critical for high quality data extraction downstream in your process. With Tungsten VRS, image clean-up is instant and automatic, outputting the best quality possible, every time. With minimal set up, the ability to delete blank pages and utilise options for colour detection, perform image smoothing and suppression of ‘noisy’ backgrounds, VRS quickly becomes an essential part of your digitisation journey.

Should you wish to enhance any of the automatic clean-up, a simple user interface allows for operator input to address any minor repairs needed prior to export.

Tungsten Mobile Capture.

With the ability to produce high quality images from smartphones and tablets, Mobile Capture allows end customers to directly capture images and submit to your workflows for onward processing.

All falling under the Tungsten Automation platform, Mobile Capture brings a whole suite of applications to include Capture, Bill Pay; Credit and Debit Card and ID and Verification, meaning that the options for customer engagement are numerous.

With seamless integration to your existing platform, Mobile Capture allows your customers to be in control.

Tungsten Transformation.

Built for classification and extraction, Transformation can identify document types and extract given sets of data from them as part of the Tungsten Automation journey.

By using automation to classify and extract, valuable human resource time is saved, allowing it to be utilised on value add tasks that improve customer service and achieve end outcomes more quickly. With the reduction of human error and manual touchpoints, Tungsten Transformation allows you to lower labour costs, increase productivity, improve data quality and engage with customers more positively, making their journey with you smoother from start to finish.

Tungsten AP Agility.

Tungsten AP Agility (APA) allows for invoices to be digitised or ingested, with key header and line-item data being extracted and verified against imported master data. Following initial data capture and verification, invoices can be routed through custom workflows to allow for coding and approval, PO matching and query resolution.

On final approval, invoices can be routed with the appropriate images and data to your ERP system for onward upload and payment. Throughout the process and with feedback from the backend system too if required, the analytics reporting tool allows for a variety of feedback on invoice numbers, status, service levels and key performance indicators.

With APA, the administrative burden of keying and cross-checking data is reduced, with staff having more time available to focus on high level, value add work that is in line with your strategic vision. Staff are also aided by the visibility APA brings in terms of invoice status and its history. When there is a query or a supplier is asking about payment, staff are able to quickly and easily understand where the invoice is and what will be the next steps.

Typically achieving fast returns on investment, the simplification and reduction of manual interactions across the AP process results in faster processing, less resources being needed and thus a cost saving against processing invoices.

Tungsten AP Essentials.

Offering a cloud based solution for Accounts Payable processing, AP Essentials allows organisations to ingest invoices from a variety of formats, capture key data from header and line item information and route for onward coding and approval activities before processing for export to the line of business application.

With the use of cognitive capture, the invoice process becomes less error-prone with reduced touch points for manual input. With multi-language and currency support, support for processing electronic invoices, Excel import for Master and Purchase Order data and intelligent line item matching, time and expertise are freed up across your team for value added tasks.

With a range of analytics being available, AP Essentials users have minimal IT set up and ongoing maintenance tasks and organisations see improved supplier relationships with faster processing, a reduction in late-payment fees and the ability to take advantage of early payment discounts.

Tungsten Power PDF.

Tungsten Power PDF is a PDF editor that is intuitive, secure and low cost to use. With an Office style interface for user familiarity, users are able to create, convert and compile documents quickly.

Power PDF can be used to create and convert PDF files to and from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, HTML and more. With a one-off license fee, license ownership is yours. Within your PDFs, encrypted passwords and permissions can be added as well as sensitive information being redacted.

When using Power PDF Enterprise, the software can be deployed to a server and PDFs retrieved and edited wherever you are. Power PDF Enterprise can be connected to enterprise document management systems too.

With Tungsten SignDoc, digital IDs and signatures can be securely added to documents meaning more simple and streamlines workflows.

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Here are a few common queries relating to Tungsten Automation (formally Kofax).

We can evaluate your current license estate and advise on the best way to make any changes based on the latest license models available.

Yes, absolutely. Tungsten Automation offers many capture and workflow solutions, dependent on need. We have provided a summary of the most commonly used Tungsten Automation technologies, however, the best way to decide is to speak directly to us so that we can advise based on your scenario and requirements.

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