Digital mailroom automation delivers digitisation, indexing and onward processing for award winning pension company.

Who are PensionBee?

PensionBee is an award-winning online pension provider that takes pride in having simplified the often-complicated pension transfer process into a simple, easy-to-use process available online or by smartphone. The team at PensionBee work hard to ensure that their online pension service is easy to use, efficient and provides clarity, and they have received a wealth of positive reviews and awards to recognise this.

The company is a strong advocate of using technology to advance customer experience and to empower its own teams, embracing every opportunity to improve the systems it has in place.

The Challenge.

Working with Embrace Digital, PensionBee has undertaken a project to further enhance their existing mailroom solution to maximise customer service and efficiency gains. The automated mailroom ensures that client documentation is captured, indexed, and routed to Salesforce for further processing.

As part of this programme, PensionBee recognised an opportunity to further improve the efficiency of document processing and transfer into the company’s Salesforce application. The speed of transition into Salesforce, along with handling time within Salesforce, is important in determining the company’s response to client requests and ensuring that the solution is capable of handling ever-increasing document volumes as their client-base expands.

Our Approach.

Working with Embrace Digital, PensionBee analysed the process and identified actions to improve the interaction with Salesforce. Whilst the existing solution met the company’s needs, there was a need to reduce the time documents spent within the initial capture stage and increase the positivity of the user experience. The original process prioritised data extraction and working of the data prior to transfer; the team recognised that this could be streamlined with better data handling upfront, which in turn assists the speed of delivery to Salesforce where further automated processing can take place.

The Solution.

On an Agile basis, Embrace Digital provided an updated system that has made the data capture element more transient, improved the user experience and enabled post items to be sent for handling in Salesforce at an improved pace, thus helping PensionBee to manage the overall process for their customers faster.

By enhancing this vital area within their mailroom operations, PensionBee has seen around a 50% improvement in handling times and PensionBee collectors are able to efficiently process documents through Salesforce now.

Product Spotlight...

To secure the positive outcome, Embrace Digital used the following...



Ensuring that capture and validation are as efficient as possible, incoming documents are handled and passed for onward processing shortly after receipt meaning that nothing is held up in a data query phase while it is investigated.

User Experience .

Users are shown the captured and suggested data in a transparent and easily navigated web-based interface meaning that batches needing validation input can be easily handled and managed.


With faster processing times, the team knows that there will be a same day turnaround on incoming mail meaning clear expectations can be set for onward processing staff as well as customers.

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