Lyons Davidson.

Evolution of the automated mailroom capturing digital communications .

Who are Lyons Davidson?

Lyons Davidson Solicitors is a full-service legal practice operating throughout the UK. It has been providing services to businesses, individuals, and the insurance industry for over 40 years. Experiencing a growth in email communications, File Dynamics, on behalf of Lyons Davidson, worked with Embrace Digital to extend the capabilities of its existing automated mailroom solution to ensure consistent and efficient processing of not only paper-based documents, but those sent electronically too.

The need for automation.

Lyons Davidson provide legal services to business and personal customers, handling high volume caseloads to strict timescales, whilst maintaining a high quality of service. Effective use of technology enables Lyons Davidson to tailor its systems to clients’ own products and
requirements, sharing data easily and creating a seamless interface between the firm and its clients. Capturing inbound documents and data efficiently, accurately, and securely is critical to the firm’s success.

In 2009, Lyons Davidson recognised the need to adopt a more efficient and secure process for inbound document handling. The business received a large volume of paper documents into its post room each day which were then distributed to case handlers. Lyons Davidson identified a clear opportunity to streamline this process using digitisation and automated workflow.

Working with the team that is now at Embrace Digital, Lyons Davidson implemented a digital mailroom solution utilising Kofax software alongside Kodak scanners, to automate the transfer of inbound documents direct to case handlers.

Paper documents are digitised as soon as they are received into the business. Automatic case linking means that documents are transferred quickly and accurately to the intended recipient, maximising available resources, and reducing the time taken to respond to clients. Importantly, the solution provides a transparent process and full audit trail for inbound documents.

Evolution of the solution.

It was important for Lyons Davidson to have a robust solution that could evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of the business and its customers, through continual process improvement and refinement. Following an initial period, further work was completed to optimise
automation levels and to improve integration with the case management system.

With the digital mailroom in place, Lyons Davidson, via Alternative Business Structures, began to process projects for other third parties. This increased the overall volume, leading to further automation – extending the use of autoindexing to all incoming documents with an automatic link to the associated case and document classification for some high volume, key document types, processed on behalf of clients.


Consistent handing of email communications.

Lyons Davidson, like many businesses, has experienced a significant increase in the volume of case documents it receives via email, with email now accounting for 50% of inbound volumes.

To ensure that these documents are processed in a consistent manner and to deliver an efficient service to clients there was a need to create additional workflow functionality to import and classify certain inbound documents sent via email.

Using Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM), which provides additional document classification for a subset of document type and data capture functionality, Embrace Digital has been able to successfully streamline the receipt and transfer of documents received by email, creating an efficient and transparent process.

Product Spotlight...

To secure the positive outcome, Embrace Digital used the following...



A full audit trail for documents entering the system.

Consistent process.

A consistent and transferable process for the management of inbound client documentation, regardless of channel.

Robust & Scalable.

The solution is able to handle increases in volumes without the need to increase the number of personnel, as would be the case with a manual process.

Faster transfer to case handlers.

Speed of transfer from document receipt to case handler is much improved, typically within a 4-hour SLA.

Greater efficiency.

Improved utilisation of staff as automatic transfer of documentation and digital storage results in less manual intervention and cases can be processed more quickly.

Reduced risk.

The risk of documents being lost or misplaced is significantly reduced due to less physical paper being transferred and emails being automatically routed on

Improved document retrieval.

Document retrieval is far easier as documents are digitised and stored on receipt.

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