Financial Services Company.

Forms capture for major financial investment company.

What do they do?

Operating since 2000, over 60,000 investors have trusted their money to the business amounting to over £12 billion in funds being managed.

The Challenge.

With a large-scale investor base and a wide product portfolio, the business has high volumes of applications being submitted for processing, especially around the times of new product launches and other important financial milestones throughout the year. These forms needed to be processed quickly and efficiently to allow investments to be made and queries to be handled and resolved without delays.

Our Approach.

The business engaged with Embrace Digital to deploy an ABBYY based data capture solution to assist with their processing. Using an Agile approach, we worked with the team to identify the form types that would be processed and built out a configuration and testing plan to allow data capture to be configured and deployed.

The Solution.

On receipt, the application forms would be scanned and submitted to the ABBYY platform for ingestion and data capture. On ingestion, the form type would be identified to determine the capture process needed. From there, it would be processed with configuration allowing key data to be captured and validated before being passed to a user for review/correction if required.

In the event of an uncertain or missing result, the document and index data is presented to a user in the Verification interface where it can be easily reviewed and corrected/updated.

On completion, documents are exported to the backend system for onward processing.

Product Spotlight...

To secure the positive outcome, Embrace Digital used the following...


Faster Processing.

Applications are ingested with a first pass of data being extracted, even before the business teams have started to look at them. Where data does need to be keyed the user-friendly interface allows for fast review and validation with automated export connectors pushing data and images immediately to the next stage of work.


Once in the system, the documents are processed and pushed out for onward processing. This has made the firms more visible and accessible to any authorised member of staff to pick up versus waiting for paper copies to make their way round.

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